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Ecommerce Technology

A fully hosted SaaS ecommerce platform that's right for your business

Ecommerce Technology: Feature Highlights

Our ecommerce technology includes a robust OMS and suite of proprietary and integrated tools to aid in performance marketing, promotion, conversion, on-site search, merchandising, checkout, payment, shipping, site and catalog management. The product roadmap ensures perpetual improvement across our suite of ecommerce solutions, including mobilizing resources for virtual assistants, artificial intelligence and augmented reality with an emphasis on projects that improve your bottom line.

  • Unified commerce across all sales channels
  • Internationalization: translation, currency, regional merchandising
  • Expansion and scaling: easily add new features and serve new markets
  • Web-based admin console provides complete site control
  • Intuitive navigation and product categorization
  • Sophisticated merchandising: zoom, rich media, dynamic swatching, and more
  • Personalization: multi-channel, multi-region, multi-device
  • Advanced on-site search guides customers to the products they want

Seamless Curation

Onestop is committed to building end-to-end ecommerce technology solutions on the ecommerce platform that is right for your business. That is why our full-service suite is built on a foundation of proven SaaS-based enterprise platforms including Magento Enterprise, Shopify Plus and Oracle Commerce Cloud. Onestop also partners with industry leaders to customize and enhance your customer experience, creating a stack of best-in-class solutions without hidden costs.

Unlimited Scale

Our hand-picked selection of fully-hosted SaaS ecommerce platforms is proven to be reliable and secure at any scale of your business operations.  Onestop’s team of experts inject decades of collective experience into your team.  We help you properly plan and execute during periods of peak demand.

Unified Commerce

We are dedicated to helping customers engage with your brand when and where they want, through whatever channel they want with true omnichannel solutions. From maintaining a persistent cart across mobile and desktop to pre-populating the nearest location on the “find a store” page, Onestop makes it easier for the shopper on the go. Onestop’s ecommerce solution will be able to integrate with select POS and ERP systems to:

  • Maintain cross-channel inventory visibility across stores and the website
  • Route orders by geography to partner distribution centers
  • Buy online, return in store
  • Buy online, ship from store
  • Buy online, pick-up in store
  • Cross-channel loyalty and lifetime value tracking
  • Accept payments from mobile wallets
  • Enable shoppable social and entertainment content
Platform Convergence

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