Performance Marketing Solutions

Performance Marketing

Our full-service digital marketing agency has experts entrenched across every channel

Increase Traffic

The foundation of Onestop’s performance marketing strategy for partners will be our analysis, identification, and targeting of online customer segments. Our ecommerce experts can tailor your offering to the shoppers who are most likely to engage immediately with your brand, and we use cutting edge consumer research to build descriptive audience profiles that inform creative design, merchandising and promotions.

Increase Conversions

In addition to the implementation of A/B and multivariate testing programs, Onestop offers expert pre- and post-click optimization services throughout all iterations of your marketing message. Our team’s objective is that all messaging is optimized to deliver the right message to the right consumer at the right time.

Increase Lifetime Value

Onestop uses an analytical KPI-based approach to identify profitable customer trends and act on them, recommending future tactics that help achieve increasingly ambitious growth objectives.

Onestop brands grow 2 times faster than the rate of U.S. ecommerce as a whole.
34% Portfolio CAGR vs. 15% U.S. Ecommerce CAGR Since Q3 2011

Performance Marketing Agency Services

Onestop’s in-house digital marketing agency provides partners with a full suite of integrated marketing services.  Subject matter experts will execute a holistic marketing plan coordinated to drive brand recognition online and offline.

Search Engine Optimization

Onestop understands the fluid algorithms that search engines use to evaluate and rank pages of your website. We will conduct a comprehensive analysis of target keyword opportunities to shape a content strategy that guarantees customers who are looking for your products will find them in the organic results of the major search engines. At the outset, Onestop will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your new website to identify opportunities for capturing top search engine rankings for target keywords. We will channel that research into site development, site architecture, content creation, links, page titles, page descriptions and product descriptions that support user experience across every performance marketing channel.

Digital Advertising & Search Engine Marketing

Onestop will launch and manage a highly focused, ROI-based search engine marketing campaign that complements the portfolio of terms targeted by our search engine optimization effort. By strategically integrating our paid search acquisition efforts with your natural rankings, we will increase consumer confidence and click throughs to your website.

Onestop will act as a steward for your performance marketing budget, generating forecasts and plans with multiple performance outlooks across every digital advertising channel. Our unique value proposition is protecting your keyword investments by testing campaign and ad content alongside the development team optimizing your landing pages. As your partner, we are focused on results rather than ad spend. We take no agency commissions on your performance marketing investment.

Email Marketing Services

Onestop will tailor email campaigns for online customers through our preferred email service provider. Perpetual list management and segmentation services ensure high deliverability and customer engagement. Predictive analytics, session abandonment, and trigger campaigns target customers with the highest propensity to purchase at any given time. We’ll assist in the development of offers, messages, and promotions to create highly relevant email campaigns, while also taking advantage of the latest machine learning and AI tools to recommend products to upsell and cross-sell.

Having your email team in lockstep with other performance marketing channels gives customers a clear, consistent and coherent message that elevates the performance of every digital advertising touchpoint.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate offers are an integral component to successful online marketing, offering a CPA-based acquisition model that can be scaled quickly to acquire customers with huge lifetime value potential. Onestop’s close relationships with top affiliate networks and experience crafting affiliate offers ensure your message will convert in this critical digital advertising channel without diminishing your brand’s price integrity or cannibalizing other channels.

Display Advertising and Retargeting

Onestop will launch custom display advertising campaigns across digital media networks promoting your brand and products. Pre-click optimization and post-click retargeting strategies promote cross-channel continuity, maximizing return on your advertising dollars. Campaigns will leverage retargeting and predictive lookalike modeling integrated with your social and search engine marketing efforts, driving additional returns from a fully-integrated digital advertising strategy.

Social Media Marketing

Onestop develops custom social media marketing strategies that balance a brand’s objectives for social media community engagement, customer service and ecommerce revenue. Cutting-edge social technologies are fully integrated with the Onestop platform, enabling and tracking a universe of social activity around your brand. This includes loyalty, refer-a-friend, ratings and reviews and shoppable user-generated content. Paid social media is tailored for a brand’s existing and potential fans in the context of campaigns that reach your customer across the multiple channels of the customer journey.

Marketing Success Plan

Systematically Acquire and Retain Customers Throughout the Customer Journey

Phase I - Build

Understand the target markets, the products, brand-appropriate promotions

Affiliate - Audit all current publishers; Update payouts based on performance

SEO - Keyword research; Set up SEO tracking & analytics; Discover digital voice

Email - Scoping unique opportunities; Integrating with ESP; Improve your list size

Paid Media - Audit search & paid social accounts; Integrate best practices across all

Display - Data collection; Creative review

Phase II - Optimize

We connect with our customers, to increase traffic, drive conversion rates, and awareness

Affiliate - Ads and offers; Building publishers lists to push your brand

SEO - On-site optimization to driving more traffic and making your brand easier to find

Email - Newsletter program optimization, segmentation & user testing

Paid Media - Retargeting & Google Shopping; Ad copy & landing page testing

Display - Retargeting Ads to drive traffic to your shop

Phase III - Grow

We help you gain new customers while utilizing data to keep your current audience engaged

Affiliate - Exclusive offers from your brand; Special programs for top publishers

SEO - Target non-brand keywords; Create content; Content promotion

Email - We implement advanced triggers to drive lead generation growth

Paid Media - Expanding your brand to new audiences utilizing data

Display Ads - Find your key demographic

Phase IV - Nurture

Contextually relevant ads, promotions & content, increasing the customer lifetime value

Affiliate - Convert affiliate traffic to email channel driving conversions for your brand

SEO - Targeted pages based on data & content promotions to attract new customers

Email - Behaviorally-driven promotions, targeted lists, Data scrubbing

Paid Media - Deep linked paid ads driving new and returning visitors to your shop

Display - Lifestyle-driven creative and user experience

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