Merchandising Services

Strategy & Merchandising

Data driven guidance


As stewards of a substantial ecommerce portfolio, Onestop’s strategy team is a tremendous source of industry knowledge. Onestop will collaborate with you to maintain a 12-month rolling forecast for all critical data points to accommodate forecasted volume increases.

Planning and Allocation

Onestop understands that properly allocating inventory is the lifeblood of any retail business. With years of experience managing a portfolio of successful ecommerce businesses, we can make timely, data-driven purchase and merchandising recommendations that will move your product and maintain brand integrity.

Customer & Competitive Analysis

Onestop is at the center of technology trends and rapidly evolving customer preferences, allowing us to benchmark your success. We filter through the noise, identify profitable trends and make the data case to act on them.

Customer Centric

End-consumers are a mosaic of thinking and circumstance. We help you to be nimble in design and message.

Connexity Data

Flourishing Families

Affluent, middle-aged families and couples earning prosperous incomes and living very comfortable, and active lifestyles. (Largest Population)

Young City Silos

Younger and middle-aged singles living active and energetic lifestyles in metro areas. (Highest Index)

Connexity Customer Analytics